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Q: Are the earring hooks sterling silver?

A: Yes, the earring hooks are sterling silver.  We do have some hooks/posts that are stainless steel and it will be noted in the description.

Q: What about the necklace chains/cords?

A: The necklace chains are sterling silver plated. The necklace cords are 100% genuine leather.

Q: Are the pendants nickel and lead free?

A: Yes, the pendants are nickel and lead free.  If you are highly sensitive to certain metals, we recommend wearing the pendants on top of clothing.

Q: What do you recommend to clean the jewelry?

A: We recommend using a slightly damp or dry cloth to wipe down the jewelry. The earring hooks and chains are sterling silver so they will tarnish over time.  We recommend using sterling silver polish and/or sterling silver wipes. We like to use Wright’s Silver Cream and Weimar Silver Wipes. Please do not swim with the jewelry on or submerge the jewelry in water.

Q: How long does it take to make a piece of jewelry?

A: It takes up to one month to produce jewelry. We let the paint skins dry and cure for 10-14 days, then we adhere glass cabochons to the skins and let that dry for 5-7 days. After we cut out the glass cabs, we trim and clean up the edges, and then the cabs are glued into the pendant trays. We let that dry for 5-7 days before they are ready for purchase.

Q: What kind of paint/medium do you use to make your art and jewelry?

A: We use acrylic paint. Our favorite is to use metallic colors and color-shift paint. It makes for visually stunning jewelry that reflects beautifully in the sunlight.