Our Method


is all around us

You never know where enticing color combinations will turn up, it could be an incredible Texas sunset on a Tuesday night or gorgeous wildflowers blooming beside the highway. Our passion stirs us to take that inspiration and turn it into art and jewelry that delights and inspires you.

Colorful Moments

Mix & Match

Layer By Layer

Layered dark to light produces a moody, rich color palette in mostly purple and contrasting reds.

Layered light to dark produces a warm, welcoming look featuring mostly yellow and orange.

Finishing Touches

Wearable Art

Once cured, we finally have jewelry! 

When the colorful, artistic jewelry is cured and ready to wear, we pack it up for one of our retailer locations or craft shows, or we stage the jewelry for photos for this website!

Lights, Camera, Action!

We position the jewelry inside a professional lightbox with a natural stone backdrop, highlighting the unique colors and vivid details in each piece. Just a few more clicks, and voila! It’s ready for you to shop our jewelry!

Flip Cup

art in the making