Our Story

Grandma Kathy and Clara of Clara Mae Art and Jewelry

In the beginning

What do you get when you cross a crafty grandma with an energetic toddler and a scrapbooking room? A bit of a mess and a dynamic duo with a love for all things art! Fast forward a few years, and Nanny and Clara would spend their afternoons painting, crafting, and enjoying each other's company. In the fall of 2017, 10 year old Clara discovered flow art via Youtube, Christmas presents were made, an obsession was born, and the rest is history.

But it doesn’t stop there. Still reeling from the creative high, Clara and Nanny continued making flow art canvases, studying and perfecting new techniques eventually outgrowing the scrapbooking room. Soon Nanny’s garage was filled with paint, blank canvases of all sizes, shelving, storage cabinets and tables, and lots and lots of fluid art paintings.

In search of a place for those paintings to go, Clara and Nanny formed Clara Mae Art and started attending local craft shows to sell their wares. 

From art to jewelry

If you’re familiar with our method, you know that flow painting creates runoff, basically large pools of paint that drip off the edges of the canvas during the flow art process. These skins have a unique beauty of their own, and not wanting to waste product, Nanny kept the skins until a useful purpose could be found.

Nanny to the rescue! Through the magic of the internet, Nanny found tutorials on making jewelry from old paint skins. The saved paint skins finally had a purpose! And Clara and Nanny have a new obsession.

Now instead of repurposing runoff skins into jewelry, Clara and Nanny create skins in cookie sheets, solely to turn them into jewelry.

From us to you

Craft show success turned into permanent installations at places like the Fort Worth Mercantile and Bass Performance Hall, and now this website!

Meet the Team

We're Clara & Kathy, the dynamic duo behind Clara Mae Art & Jewelry.

Clara Mae Hamlin is currently a junior-high student in Weatherford, TX.  When she is not creating art and jewelry with Nanny, Clara enjoys soccer, tennis, reading, traveling with her family and taking care of her chinchilla, two cats and a dog.

Kathy (Nanny) Hamlin is an Interior Designer for a commercial office furniture dealer in Fort Worth, TX. When she is not creating art and jewelry with Clara, she enjoys reading, trying new restaurants with friends and hanging out at home with her husband and dog.